Monday, August 31, 2009

Nokia Finnally Admits Fault in N97 Lense Cover & GPS Problem w/ Map 3.0

Apparently a Finish Newspaper run the story about these complaints against the N97 and they got an answer from Nokia itself. Here is the Finish Link of the article-> Click Here

And here is the slightly edited Google Translation:

Nokia finally admits structural defect in N97

Evening Gazette received confirmation of Nokia's flagship phone problems.

Last week, the Evening Gazette reported the Nokia N97 model in relation to defects in the camera lens scratching. At that time, Nokia did not comment on the matter in any way. Now Nokia's fixed communications from defects in leaf. - It has come a number of cases in which the camera lens is scratched, for example, because of hiekanmurujen. We regret that this has occurred. In these cases, the user can contact Nokia customer service. - In some cases, the camera lens is mounted too close to the lens protective glass. In this case, the lens is inserted between the glass and too little room, for example, sand can cause scratches, multiplied by Nokia. When there were problems of communication advising the user to wipe the lens with a soft cloth. - If that does not work or if the problem persists, the phone can be exported for repair. There, the lens is exchanged and ensures that the lens and the space between the protective glass is sufficient. According to Nokia phone warranty covers defects. The number of faulty phones Nokia does not disclose detailed information. - This is not to know extent of the problem. We do not know how many countries, such problems have occurred.

Disruptions in the GPS navigation

IL-Digin readers have reported on the N97's GPS receiver problems. Feedback have been told that the phone loses the GPS signal several times and has been, in some cases, unusable. One reader writes of a case where the N97 lost the signal several times in the Turku motorway and fell to a new route to ten times within a short distance. Nokia for vetäneensä quietly Maps 3 software downloadable software from the list of observed problems. - Nokia Maps 3.0-door version of the touch screen devices have been temporarily withdrawn from the Nokia Software Update, and [url][/url] page, as it made adjustments to improve the navigation experience. - We do not do so unless the software had problems, communication will continue. By: PAULI REINIKAINEN

... and my apologies if I have not been posting that much, busy with a project...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nokia Download Has Changed

And I do hope it is for the better...

There are new icons and some new apps...

For the 5800, the Nokia VPN Client is now available...

Contents varies from country to country, but I think the icon changes are global in nature...

Try it out! Update your Nokia S60 "Download"

Thursday, February 12, 2009

3-Finger Salute for 5800 - Full Hard Reset

Do note that this will only work with 5800 with V.20.0.012

  1. With your 5800 turned off,
  2. Press and hold [Green] + [Red] + [Camera] Keys (that's the Green Call Button and the Red End Button respectively)
  3. Turn phone ON, and keep pressing it until you see the Nokia Shaking Hands Logo.

Of course the Default code is still 12345.

Do this if your device is not turning on properly and you do not have quick access to the nearest Nokia Care Point.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Put the Pencil Key in your Nokia 5800 XM

One of the biggest shortcomings of the 5800 is that it doesn't have the "Pencil Key" anymore (also called the ABC or "the shift" key). It is the key that allows you to do multiple selection. Older S60 Nokias have this, the new one don't have it anymore. Well, here is a workaround:
  1. Download the The Pencil application here
  2. Click English on the left side if you dont understand Russian, I am sure many of you don't and it is better than babel fish.
  3. Symbian Signed the application here
  4. Install it and Run it, you will see just a RED screen, (well, what can i say they are Russians) on y case I click on the green call button (it will be assigned as my "default pencil key"), then click save (to save of course) and then press back.
  5. and now if I press green key and i scroll and i can now do multiple selection, just like the old "Pencil Key"

Signing it was quite easy too... just select all the categories...

Cheers all! And do give the guy a donation...

just updated the broken link, try it now folks...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SMS Cleaner - A Fix for the "Curse of Silence" Bug

And so Nokia rolled its sleaves and got into cleaning this irritant...

This application can clean a Nokia S60 3rd Edition (Initial or Feature Pack 1) based device, which may have received a so called “Curse of Silence” SMS message, and thereby restricted from receiving any new SMS messages.

After you have installed the application, it will ask for execution permission. During execution, application attempts to clean received Curse of Silence-messages from your phone. After execution the application will be deinstalled and phone will be restarted.
You can download and install this application in several ways:
  • Input into your phone's browser (where available) to access this page and download SMS Cleaner file directly to your phone and install
  • Download SMS Cleaner to your PC, transfer it to your memory card or phone memory and install the application
  • Download SMS Cleaner to your PC and use Nokia PC Suite to install the application into your phone

Please note that there may be “Curse of Silence” messages queued up in the SMS Center of your Operator Network. In this case you might need to install and run the application again.

Please refer to this Nokia product overview to identify if your product has S60 3rd Edition operating system

Get the full thing here->

And do remeber that only S60 1st Edition are vulnerable to this bug, and it can still be avoided easily...