Thursday, February 12, 2009

3-Finger Salute for 5800 - Full Hard Reset

Do note that this will only work with 5800 with V.20.0.012

  1. With your 5800 turned off,
  2. Press and hold [Green] + [Red] + [Camera] Keys (that's the Green Call Button and the Red End Button respectively)
  3. Turn phone ON, and keep pressing it until you see the Nokia Shaking Hands Logo.

Of course the Default code is still 12345.

Do this if your device is not turning on properly and you do not have quick access to the nearest Nokia Care Point.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Put the Pencil Key in your Nokia 5800 XM

One of the biggest shortcomings of the 5800 is that it doesn't have the "Pencil Key" anymore (also called the ABC or "the shift" key). It is the key that allows you to do multiple selection. Older S60 Nokias have this, the new one don't have it anymore. Well, here is a workaround:
  1. Download the The Pencil application here
  2. Click English on the left side if you dont understand Russian, I am sure many of you don't and it is better than babel fish.
  3. Symbian Signed the application here
  4. Install it and Run it, you will see just a RED screen, (well, what can i say they are Russians) on y case I click on the green call button (it will be assigned as my "default pencil key"), then click save (to save of course) and then press back.
  5. and now if I press green key and i scroll and i can now do multiple selection, just like the old "Pencil Key"

Signing it was quite easy too... just select all the categories...

Cheers all! And do give the guy a donation...

just updated the broken link, try it now folks...