Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How To Add FaceTime for iPhones and iPads That Does NOT HAVE Facetime

If you bought an iPad or iPhone in Dubai (or in any country in the Middle-East for that matter), chances are it does NOT HAVE FaceTime.

Now here is a quick way to ADD FaceTime to your iPhone or iPad:
  1. You must Jailbreak your iOS Device.  To do that just follow the steps from iClarified.  Just make sure to click on the right Jailbreaking steps for your version of iOS and your device itself, i.e. you must know your iOS Version.  If you do not know how to find out about your iOS Version, then I suggest you spent some time with your iphone or ipad settings, and not just use your device for playing Angry Birds and enough of facebook, ok!
  2. After you have Jailbroken your device, then click on the Cydia icon on your iphone or ipad device.
  3. After Cydia, has fully loaded itself, go to the "Home" screen of Cydia, and scroll and click the "More Package Sources".
  4. Then scroll and look for iPhoneIslam and install it, (of course who else will hack the iphone and ipad to make the FaceTime work other than the people who are regionally affected by the ban of FaceTime in their region) and don't worry this is NOT an Islamic Terrorist site or something.
  5. After you have installed iPhoneIslam, go back to the Cydia Home screen, and do a search of FaceTime Hacktivator, once you got this, install it as well.
  6. You now have FaceTime in your iPhone/iPad.  Now, go to Settings and look for FaceTime and activate it or log in using your Apple ID.  Here is also a step-by-step instructions direct from Apple on how to use FaceTime.
  7. If for some reason that you do not yet have an Apple ID, then just create one and follow the instructions on your iOS Device, i.e. your iPad or iPhone.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Re-birth of friedblogs!

Hi blogworld!

Today, I am starting this again...  today, is another fried day!

So many has happened!  From the nokia-centric guy that I was, I am now back to my 1st love, well, 1st love in terms of technology!  I am back with Apple.  I have been using iPhone 4 since 2010, and loving it!

I think my last post here was in 2009, and so many things have happened...  I will keep this short for now and you are going to hear more from me, well more on technology actually since this is a tech blog!